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  • Hey there!
    In this post I am going to talk about accommodation. I am going to live on-campus, and I have to say that it looks absolutely stunning. The whole idea of living in a community with other students is truly fascinating to me.

    Look how beautiful it looks! Photo: University of Sydney

    I am going to be staying at Camden Campus, in the Nepean Lodge where only full-time students and staff can stay. The rent is a little expensive, but it is cheaper than what it would be here in Norway, I believe. The rent is $155 - $335 per week, which is about 1200NOK - 2600NOK every single week. I think the campus is gorgeous, even though I have only seen pictures of the building, and not inside the building. It is a fully-furnished private bedroom, which is really nice. I cannot even imagine what it looks like inside, I have to say I am super excited! The room has a single bed, built-in wardrobe and desk where you can study. 

    The only things I have to bring myself is electrical things like a TV for example, bed linen, towels, cooking equipment so that I can cook my food and crockery and cutlery. 

    If you want to read more about the Campus life, and especially Camden Campus, click HERE.

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  • Tuition

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  • Hi, again!

    I am now going to show you how expensive, or in-expensive, it is going to be while I am studying abroad. The school fee for one year is $44 500, which is about 350 000NOK. Since this is a lot of money, I am of course going to get some loans and stipends. 

    Here you can see the results of what I will get from Lnekassen. (Translation from top to bottom: Travel stipend, travel loan, school-money stipend, school-money loan, supplementary school-money, ordinary loan, loan that can be made to stipend). 

    In total I will get 367 000NOK from Lnekassen, whereas 42218NOK is stipend, and the rest of it are loans that I obviously will have to pay back. Even though this is going to be expensive, I am still so excited and cannot wait to begin this fairytale! It is going to be something that I will remember for the rest of my life, so I think the price will be worth it.

    Since this is what I will spend on the school itself, I am most likely going to spend even more. That is because I obviously will have to buy food, clothes, makeup etc. Therefore this is going to cost even more than I first thought. But, I am pretty sure it is going to be worth it, and I am not even sitting on the fence when it comes to studying abroad. I know that this is what I want! 

    In the next post I am going to talk about campus and how I am going to live! Until next time, have a good day :)

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  • The University of Sydney

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  • Hi everyone! 

    My name is Emma and I am going to take a health and physical education program at the University of Sydney. So, this blog is about my experience studying abroad in Australia. I am very excited and cannot wait to begin the studying. My expectations are high, since Sydney is such a beautiful city that I have been wanting to visit since I was little. I hope I am getting a lot of new friends, that I learn a lot of new things and that I learn to speak Australian. Eventually, I hope I will feel like an Australian citizen after a while. 

    This is what the university looks like. Photo: University of Sydney

    Credit points required is 192, and here are the courses I am going to take this school year:

    Year 1, first semester:

    • Education, Teachers and Teaching - 6 Credit points
    • Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport OR EDGU1004 Young People, Sex and Sexual Health
    • EDHP1001 Physical Education 1 - 6 Credit points
    • 1 Junior Arts, Science or Business elective (related to second teaching area)- 6 Credit points

    Second semester:

    Now you know a little bit about what I am up to. Furthermore, I hope my blog is going to be inspiring and interesting, and that you might want to continue reading it. 


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